Michael and Anne Doyle (Parents – RSW)

Our daughter Michele started Rosses Workshop at 19 years of age after attending Cregg House.  There she acquired a very rounded education with a good knowledge of reading, writing and life skills under the guidance and teaching of the Sisters of La Sagesse.

Michele always enjoyed going to the workshop.  Whilde being there Rosses has gone through a lot of change and is now a place which offers an array of crafts, music, drama, computers, art, cookery and much more.  Rosses are involved in further education through FETAC.  Michele is completing courses in several subjects.  Adults with special needs are treated with respect and dignity at the centre.

The staff are helpful and understand their needs.  it is because of their hard work and attitude that the workshop has an atmosphere of happiness and contentment.  They are always professional and available to help with any concerns or queries we may have had about Michele.  With the help of Rosses Workshop, Michele has grown into a happy and capable young adult.  She looks forward to going to her work everyday, where she can interact with her friends and learn new skills.

We are grateful for Rosses and its staff as we see Michele has grown into a happy and fulfilled younb lady.


Michael and Anne Doyle (Parents)