I can honestly say that I have gained a ‘WHOLE FAMILY’ from ‘Holy Family’.

“My son Colin has Down syndrome; he started in North West Parents & Friends, Holy Family Preschool for children with special needs 3 years ago, not walking or talking, unable to self feed and with severe attachment issues.

There are no words to express my gratitude to the management and staff within this service for what they have achieved with Colin during this time.  Their child centred approach and setting of realistic goals made reaching each milestone a more relaxed and joyous experience.   For me the sense of relief in knowing that my son is being cared for in what only can be described as a nurturing, fulfilling, and integrated manner, i.e., they see the child not the disability, they set appropriate goals, organise therapist’s appointments, team meetings and assist with transition to mainstream preschool/primary school.  Because of their dedication and professionalism it allows me to enjoy my son without the pressure of a constant schedule of tasks to be completed.  My son will leave Holy Family Preschool for children with special needs as a very independent little boy, asking for favourite foods, choosing what colour clothes he wears, kicking ball, playing with his friends, and annoying and amazing his parents just like any 5 year old.