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    Sligo Area

    Knappaghbeg Social Club, Strandhill Road, Sligo

    In 1993/94 the Directors of the Association made a decision to build a purpose-built unit, to provide a venue for the comprehensive development of recreational facilities. This purpose built building affords adolescents the opportunity to avail of, and participate in, appropriate recreation pursuits.

    The club caters for service users attending North West Parents and Friends Services and outside services as well. The club offers a wide variety of activities, which include structured evening activities, i.e., arts and crafts, games, bingo, discos, bowling and line dancing.

    There is also a Selection Training Programme, to prepare members for participation in the annual ‘Special Olympics’. Great success has been achieved by many of our club members, in the ‘Special Olympics’ in the past few years, resulting in many medals and ribbons, which are held with great pleasure and pride, as public tokens of their achievements. We are committed to developing a range of recreational and therapeutic activities to enhance their quality of life.

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    Knappaghbeg Social Club

    Services Manager, Phone 071 9143358

    Knappaghbeg Social Club
    Strandhill Road, Sligo