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Presentation by RSW for ETB

“Active Inclusion through Community Education”

RSW were requested by Anna Marie...

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Congratulations AWARDS

Congratulations to RSW on being...

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Holy Family Graduation Day 2021

The end of another year for our preschool children! Graduation party in the Holy Family on 29th July,...

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St. Attractas Community School fundraiser

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Donation from Tesco Ireland

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Job Vacancies available in Sligo/Leitrim

Please check our Job Vacancy Page for current positions available.

Presently advertised on...

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Holiday arrangements 2022

The list hereunder is the planned holidays for 2022 but these may change for training/planning days...

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Getting the Corona Virus Vaccine Easy to Read

Please click on this Easy To Read Document from the HSE



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Message from the Services Manager


I would like to start by acknowledging the hard work, committment and dedication...

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COVID-19 updates


S is for Symptoms: Stay At Home


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