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    • Des & Debbie Forde (Parents)
      Our son Sam started at Holy Family Pre-School for Children with Special Needs, Sligo when he was 2 years and 10 months, ...
  • Lakelodge Community Group Home, Cleveragh Drive, Sligo

    Lakelodge Community Group Home

    Lakelodge Community Group

    This Community Group Home provides 7 -day accommodation to support the elderly with intellectual disability, many of whom
    have developed secondary disabilities and are experiencing deteriorating physical ability.

    (Due to the high quality of care provided at North West Parents and Friends, our client population are enjoying a longer life span resulting in a growing elderly population).

    Contact Details:

    Thornvilla, Knocknarea, Lake Lodge
    Please contact the Services Manager, Phone 071 9143358 / 9145567
    FAX: 071 9140340
    Email: rsw[@]