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    At the very foundation of the Association, the Board of Management was forced to make serious policy decisions. For instance, how far should their Services extend? What age group should they cover? What categories of intellectual disabilities/ special needs should they serve? These were a few of the major problems which were of extreme importance to the development and provision of facilities for people with intellectual disabilities/special needs. At the onset, a fundamental, yet difficult decision was taken, to start at the beginning with the young children and, as it were, to grow up with these, expanding as the children grew to adulthood, and far into their future lives, even to the time when they would become elderly, still many years ahead, but growing closer. Fortunately, we did not have many adults claiming services at this time, and therefore we were able to provide for the young adults leaving school, and those who were in Residential Centres and returning to their home areas.

    Accordingly, in 1969, members of the Association undertook the mammoth task of establishing a special school for children with a mild disability in the Sligo/Leitrim area. In September 1971 a school was sanctioned by the Department of Education and opened in temporary premises in the old Vocational School in Quay Street,
    Sligo. The school opened with three teachers and 5 pupils. Subsequently, a suitable site was purchased by the Association from the Health Service Executive (formerly North Western Health Board) at a cost of £5,000.00 and here a new six – teacher school was built, at Ballytivnan, approximately one mile north of Sligo city.