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    In 1965, these vital services, available today, were just wishful thinking when the Association was laying the cornerstones of its strength and development, fostering its aims and objectives through a series of lectures and film shows in the key centers of population in Sligo, Leitrim and Roscommon.

    In 1965, when St Cecilia’s School opened at Cregg House, Sligo, transport was a top priority. There was no school transport in those far off days and members used their own cars as well as paying for taxis to transport the children to St Cecilia’s School from within a ten mile radius of Sligo.

    During these early years, members assisted the Sisters in Cregg House, by providing moral support and voluntary help in many ways, and also through providing items of machinery and equipment necessary for training and caring for persons with intellectual disabilities/special needs at Cregg. At the same time Cregg House, parents’ social evenings, which consisted of talks and lectures, followed by refreshments, were held to help parents in learning more about the problems and difficulties related to special needs, and how to cope with them. Furthermore, Symposiums and Seminars were also held to educate the public at large as to the problems associated with intellectual disabilities/special needs. By these means, in a short period of time, the community became much more knowledgeable and conversant around the area of intellectual disabilities/special needs.

    Three years after the Parents and Friends inception, the first big project had been completed, a new Domestic Science kitchen, completely equipped, had been built for the School at Cregg House, under contract, at a cost of £800.00. Next, the Association turned to the question of adult facilities for those with a moderate degree of disability, girls who would soon be finishing their education at St. Cecilia’s School.

    The need to give these girls some type of suitable employment was examined. The Parents and Friends agreed to convert an old building at Cregg into a Workshop, and to equip it. The eventual cost was almost £9,000.00 which was partly subsidised by two grants from the Health Service Executive (formerly Western and North Western Health Boards) totaling£3,000,00.

    The girls went into the Workshop in 1972, and some of them started training under a qualified confectioner; selling their produce to shops in Sligo. Others made household textiles, also for sale, or did light assembly work for local factories.