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    Our PQASSO Quality Mark expired in July of this year and our Board of Directors decided to introduce a new Quality Assurance System for North West Parents and Friends Association for Persons with Intellectual Disability.

    We contacted Mr. Dermot O’Donnell, DFI for advice and after some consideration it was decided that Improving Quality (IQ) Standard was best suited to our needs.   A presentation on IQ was delivered to our Board who decided to adopt it.

    IQ Improving Quality was launched within our Services on 13th March, 2019.

    The Improving Quality (IQ) Standard has been developed specifically for the not-for-profit sector.  Its aim is to provide guidance on good practice and basic legal requirements.  These requirements are contained in 4 elements of the standard which cover all aspects of management and service delivery.

    The IQ Standard is produced at two levels, called Foundation and Progression levels.  We have chosen to complete Foundation level which covers the key issues that all organisations have to consider.  We are also using the IQ Standard to assess ourselves and identify improvements which will benefit the Organisation when meeting the Governance Code.

    We set up a Committee in March, 2019 to self- assess against the self-assessment workbook and have recorded our evidence we have to meet the requirements.

    At our last meeting it was agreed by the Committee that we feel we are ready for an External Assessment and are delighted to welcome Mr. Graham Baker, Improving Quality Assessor who will come on site at our Services from October 21st to inspect our evidence and interview staff from within our Services.

    The IQ Implementation Committee are as follows:

    Dermot O’Donnell  (DFI)

    Evelyn Carroll, Services Manager, NWPF

    Edel Gallagher CNM2, NWPF

    Hazel Clarke, Administration, NWPF

    Margaret Casserly, Chairperson, BOD

    Kathleen Harte, Treasurer, BOD.