Resumption of Adult Day Services

R.S.W. opened Day Service on Monday, 31st August in Cleveragh.  We were delighted to welcome back 6 service users on Monday.  We will have 10 service users attending RSW throughout the week on specified days depending on Rural Transport.  Staff in R.S.W. continue to support 9 service users in the Community through regular phone contact and emails.  E.T.B. modules continue to be distributed out to identified learners.  All medical needs are catered for by R.S.W. staff for Service Users in North West Parents and Friends Community Group Homes.

St Ciaran’s Adult Day Service opened on Monday 31st August and we presently have 2 service users per day attending with a total of 8 in for the week which will be reviewed weekly. We are providing our own transport.  Some of our staff are still redeployed to other areas. where they are providing day service supports to 2 people in their own home.  We continue to provide outreach support in the community.

CRC Adult Day Service continues to provide supports to one service user.

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